5 Product Marketing Strategies You Must Try


5 Product Marketing Strategies You Must Try

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Product marketing is one of the important things that will determine the company’s performance. Product marketing strategy is an activity that must be carried out to introduce the product more widely to the public. Below we will discuss the 5 (five) ways of marketing the best products that must be done to increase sales of your business products.

Using Social Media
We all agree, social media is the most effective marketing tool because almost everyone from different backgrounds is very active in using it. Social media also allows companies to choose the right community to market their products so that what is offered has a great opportunity to sell.

Offering Products for Free
This method is considered very powerful to attract consumers, because something that is free will be very difficult to pass up. Another reason why this strategy is considered necessary is because often a customer has not bought a product, because they have never tried about the product. A company can choose events or directly offer samples and free samples door-to-door to potential customers. If the product is in the form of services or digital media, the company can offer a free trial or try for free to attract potential customers to know a product. An example of this marketing strategy is quite effectively applied.

Choose a Strategic Place
Strategic place is still one of the marketing strategies that should be considered, because with a strategic place of sale means your product has a higher likelihood of appearing and naturally triggers high sales. These strategic site selection criteria must adjust to the targets and ease of reaching them. For example, if you decide to sell your boarding equipment needs, then selling near the campus area or school will make the possibility of your product selling quickly and being seen.

Give Incentives for Recommendations
A product will look good and can be trusted if someone recommends it. To get a recommendation or testimonial from a customer who has used the product, you must give an award in the form of an attractive incentive. The incentive for a testimonial is not necessarily in the form of money, but can be in the form of a product gift or a price discount. With this incentive the company indirectly wins two parties for marketing targets, namely loyal customers and prospective customers. Product recommendations are now a market strategy used by almost all products.

Establish Good Relationships with Customers
Loyal customers are an important asset of the company. They have repeatedly bought your product and contribute to regular income. If you do not want to lose a purchase, in the midst of the competition of many similar products, then there is no harm in giving awards to customers who are loyal to the company by responding to customer input or give gifts directly for purchases they make. This is quite effective as a way of marketing food products because these types of products rely on the buyer’s loyalty to survive in the business world.

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