Important Features of Accounting Software Needed Today’s SMEs


Important Features of Accounting Software Needed Today’s SMEs

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs have a significant role in the development of Indonesia, particularly in the economic sector. MSMEs become one of the important aspects in the populist economic system where MSMEs have a role to eliminate inequalities between groups, poverty reduction by opening jobs that will absorb labor, improve the regional economy, and even have a positive impact on national economic resilience.

At present the development of SMEs is one of the important things that must be considered in Indonesia, this is not only a homework for the government but also for the Indonesian people as a whole. The development of UMKM itself consists of various aspects such as the development of Human Resources (HR), capital, education and technology.

Technology in its role in developing MSMEs is to help business people accelerate productivity in a business which of course will affect the level of income. Such as the use of accounting software that can be used as a tool to make it easier for business people to make MSME reports and cash flow.

For this reason it is important for you as a business person to know and understand what features are in the accounting software needed to support your business. The following are important accounting software features that are needed by MSMEs.

Invoice Management
An invoice is a shipping item detailing the list of items, prices and other things that are usually related to payment. For this reason, invoicing is one of the things that is closely related to the MSME business. An accounting software must have an invoice management feature to be able to help maximize you in managing your business invoices.

Some of the advantages of invoice management features are:

There are professional invoice templates that you can choose and personalize according to your business and needs
Helps manage client bills and view transaction history
Integrated with email making it easier for you to send invoices directly via email
Help with calculating tax from invoices, integrating invoices into financial statements
Helps send reminders to your clients for invoices that haven’t been paid yet.

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