Increase Instagram Business Followers Cheaply and Safely


Increase Instagram Business Followers Cheaply and Safely

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As the most popular social media platform, Instagram is now widely used for business promotion. On this platform, followers are needed to make your business account more exist and be known by many people. Therefore a lot of accounts that try various ways to increase followers.

Many are trying to increase followers by spending quite a lot of money and downloading various applications, but the followers provided are apparently not active. Though there are many ways to increase followers who are easier and safer that can be applied. This method also does not require high costs. What are these methods? the following explanation.

Provide Quality Content
Visual content is your main attraction and capital to increase followers on Instagram. Existing followers won’t even hesitate to unfollow if the content is deemed not quality. Therefore, share interesting, informative and entertaining content with good image quality.

Do not just share without knowing what is meant and not relevant to the products and services you provide. In addition, avoid also posting photos of other people without including credit. This will cause copyright issues and affect the credibility of your business account.

Fix Feed
In addition to quality content, also improve feeds to add to the appeal of your Instagram account. Feeds are all photos in your Instagram account. Arrange feeds so that they look neat and pleasing to the eye. For example by using the same color tone for each photo, homogenizing video content in the middle row, and so on.

Use hashtags
Use hashtags in each post so that your content can be found by others who are indeed interested and need the product. Give diverse hashtags that are still relevant and symbolize and represent your brand. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags for each post. Search for reference tags in the search field on Instagram or use applications like In Tags, Tagify and others.

Consider Uploading Time
Post content at times where most people access Instagram. This is so that your content immediately gets likes or comments that will increase engagement so it doesn’t sink. You can experiment with posting at some time and compare which time is the best. Another way is to use the insights feature and identification of followers on Instagram for business accounts. From here you can see the average time followers are playing Instagram every day.

Leave Traces on Various Accounts
People will easily find you if you can be everywhere. Therefore, try to actively give likes and comments on other people’s posts. With this activity your account will be seen more often and people will be curious. But of course avoid spam, comments that are less relevant and very visible are advertising which will only interfere.

Promote on Other Platforms
You can also collaborate with other platforms to increase your followers. Use other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to promote your Instagram account. You can also give promotions or discounts for users who follow your Instagram account.

Connect to a Larger Account
Mark accounts that have high followers on your content. If your content is reposted by that account then your account has a chance to get high followers. For example if your account is humorous, you can post and mark humor-based accounts with high followers in the hope that your content will be reposted.

Use the “Follow-Unfollow” Technique
These tips are still rarely done even though effective for adding followers. You can do this by searching for high follower accounts like celebrities or artists. After the account is found, then go to the follower tab, then follow the people at the top of the list. New followers like this are usually new accounts that are also looking for followers.

By following the account, the chance of being followed up is quite high. After that you can unfollow the account if you don’t want to fulfill the following list in your Instagram account. But you are not advised to follow many accounts directly at one time. Give a gap of about half an hour or one hour after following 20 accounts. If not, Instagram will suspend your account due to unnatural increase in following and follower.

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