Interesting Content


Interesting Content

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Any form of digital marketing requires you to produce interesting content. The ultimate goal of creating content is to persuade the audience to respond to your invitation and make them take the desired action, such as agreeing to your ad offer, accessing your website and buying your product.

You only have a small amount of audience time. Therefore, keep the content short but hit. Use strong, emotionally arousing words to attract attention and communicate your message to them.

Use Heat Map
Heat map is one of the visualization tools used to record dense points. The heat map is used to facilitate identifying which parts have a high concentration of activity. This feature allows you to know every detail of audience behavior when navigating your website pages.

What element did they notice the most? At what point is their boredom? Do they systematically ignore your CTA button? As well as other questions. This information can later be used as an evaluation and innovation for each section.

Everyone has their own communication preferences. What might be considered simple by one person, could be a complexity for others. To make sure you are connected to each audience, make you reachable through various communication tools such as telephone, text message, e-mail, and others.

Include Call To Action
Today’s audience tends to choose something simple, something that directly leads to what they need. Therefore calls to action is an important element in digital marketing. Call To Action or CTA is a method that uses statements that are designed to get a direct response from people who read it.

Examples of CTAs that are often encountered such as “Read more here”, “get it right now, limited promos”, “watch this video” and so on. It’s important to make the call to action button stand out and be easy to see. Make the text large, legible, position it in the middle or left side of the screen, and use contrasting colors.

Give a sense of urgency
Creating a sense of urgency to immediately get a product can be utilized as a marketing effort that is quite powerful. Bidding with the words “Last Chance” or “Limited Supply” and other strong statements will cause you to worry about not getting the product and ultimately encourage purchases. Use it at the right time and see how this will increase your conversions.

Increasing conversion is indeed something difficult, but with consistency it is not impossible that maximum results can be achieved. It’s the same with corporate finance. The difficulty of managing finances and the lack of time can be overcome if you do it regularly.

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