Maintaining quality and quality


Maintaining quality and quality

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To maintain partners, the first tip from Micko is to always maintain the quality and quality of the services or products provided. Coffee and itself always tries to provide quality raw materials to its partners. According to Micko the quality and quality of coffee depend on the level of freshness possessed by the coffee beans. For this reason, Micko always sends freshly roasted coffee beans to its partners in order to maintain the freshness of raw materials.

Give a special price
Another way to keep B2B company customers is to provide special prices. Coffeeland does not only sell raw materials for coffee shops to its partners. But specifically for Coffeeland partners, the raw material for the coffee shop is offered at a cheaper special price. This special price is given so that partners continue to buy raw materials from Coffeeland.

The next tip from Coffeeland owners is to maintain good relations with partners. According to Micko, good relations are very important to be maintained in B2B so that partners always feel supported. Micko said, “Periodically every few weeks I chat partners, ask how the process is smooth or not, there are obstacles or not”.

By regularly asking about the development of partner business, you can find out the difficulties faced by customers or partners. So you can provide solutions by making your product or service a solution.

After sales service
After learning about developments in partner businesses, B2B companies can provide after sales service to keep partners loyal. Just like the previous way, this is done so that partners feel that you are always there for them when needed. So that partners will not go anywhere when they need a solution, let alone find a solution to the problems of competitors.

After sales service provided to Coffeeland partners is to provide free training when there is a new barista in the partner coffee shop. Or provide input related to marketing and coffee shop business problems when it is running. Not only that, Coffeeland is also active in providing new menus as well as an overview of the menu presentations to be served at partner coffee shops. By providing a new menu, Mita will be interested in trying or buying coffee shop raw materials that they have never tried.

Coffeeland Helps Partners Face Challenges in Stock Inventory with Journals
In the future, Micko also plans to be able to further help its business partners so they do not face a shortage of raw material stock. Namely by controlling the supply of raw materials and remind partners when the raw material stock is almost gone. This can be done with the help of the accounting software used by Coffeeland, namely Journal.

Journals have an ‘inventory’ feature to control sales stock. Micko plans to link the ‘inventory’ feature of each of its partners to the Coffeeland Journal account to help monitor partner stock. When the stock of raw materials of partners is running low, the Journal will send a ‘reminder’ to Coffeeland and partners. That way Micko can remind his partners to immediately buy raw materials.

B2B marketing activities or not much different from those carried out by B2C companies. But in its implementation, B2B marketing conducted by Coffeeland is more focused on providing information about the services or products offered and maintaining partner loyalty. Namely through website optimization, maintaining good relations, and service after purchase.

The strategy undertaken by Coffeeland can be applied if you are currently or will run a business that targets the sale of products or services to other businesses or organizations. You can also entrust the management of your business finances to the # 1 online accounting software in Indonesia by Coffeeland, namely Journal.

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