The Importance of Implementing Social Responsibility & Business Ethics


The Importance of Implementing Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

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In business, there are various ethics that must be applied in the management and execution of a business. Good ethics will make it easier for businesses to develop healthily while fostering a good image of the business. The question that arises is: Then what is business ethics?

Understanding business ethics are methods of business activities that embrace all aspects related to the business, including individuals, companies and surrounding communities. The application of business ethics in a company can facilitate the formation of employee behavior in a company. Every company must make ethical principles the foundation of their business. For this reason, business ethics is an appropriate standard or guideline for all employees to be used as guidelines in work.

Business Ethics does not only consider responsibilities in the work environment. But it is also responsible for the natural, cultural and social ecosystems of the community. Companies or businesses are also expected to be able to handle various external programs related to responsibilities outside their business activities. The program is like scientific research, consumer protection, and other programs related to corporate social responsibility towards the community. A company’s social responsibility is usually stated in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

Social responsibility is arguably included in the Theory of Ethics. Where individuals or business groups are responsible for fulfilling their citizenship duties. Every individual or group business activity must benefit the entire community. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of the community and the environment. If this balance is maintained, then Social Responsibility can be said to have been achieved.

Relationship between Business Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
The Business Social Responsibility Theory is built within the Business Ethics system itself. Where every business decision and action must be validated ethically before it is realized. If a business action or decision causes damage to the community or the surrounding environment, it can be considered that the company or business is considered to be socially irresponsible.

Businesses and companies must operate under government regulations and guidelines. Thus, ethical social responsibility can be manifested through codes of ethics, civil rights and social standards and which can be accepted in various fields. Many companies try to go beyond legal requirements. Businesses that take care to ensure that workers are safe, are treated with dignity and respect, and offer reasonable hours of work and wages are considered ethically responsible.

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